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We provide public schools with tools that boost performance through rigorous programs and a commitment to equity.

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The Urban Assembly (UA) is a non-profit model provider of school support solutions that boost school and student performance. Under the mission of advancing students’ social and economic mobility by improving public education, the UA provides schools and districts with innovative data-driven, student-centered approaches to career and technical education, academics, social-emotional learning, and postsecondary access and success. The UA founded a network of unique, small public secondary schools throughout NYC. UA schools are open to all students, and our goal is to prepare 100% of UA graduates for success in the 21st century economy.

The UA values the uniqueness that each student brings into our schools, and our work honors the various social and cultural contexts from which they come. We acknowledge the historical barriers created by education systems to perpetuate the social inequities that keep students of color from accessing postsecondary and career opportunities - and commit to dismantling these barriers.


The Urban Assembly is partnering with Outlier to offer rising high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit for an online Introduction to Financial Accounting course. This course will be integrated into the DOE school day to enable students time to engage with the material and to complete course assessments. It’s a unique opportunity to introduce students to career pathways in accounting, to prepare students for college-level material, and to promote equity in a field seeking to diversify its workforce.


The UA’s Postsecondary Readiness and Success team is looking for a highly organized, data-driven project manager whose experience in the NYCDOE public school system can inform and facilitate this work at the school, network, and partnership level. The project manager will develop and execute an implementation plan to recruit 400 students by June 2023 through partnerships with schools across all five boroughs and then, to identify, communicate, and coordinate with school staff to onboard students for September 2023 and successfully complete the Introduction to Financial Accounting course by June 2024. Due to the scale of this recruitment effort, this work requires travel to schools. Examples of in-person meetings include an opening session with interested principals or district leaders, an “enrollment” and “onboarding” session with students and at least one school staff member, a “check for progress” session, and a closing session. The consultant will also be expected to monitor school and student progress through timely and accurate data tracking and to communicate with stakeholders monthly through reports and meetings as necessary to ensure that students have all the resources they need in order to successfully complete the course. The Project Manager will also coordinate with Outlier’s student success team as well as the Outlier account management and implementation team.

The work is grant funded with a maximum allocation of $80,000 for the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build or adjust a recruitment plan and associated materials

  • Pitch and new concept to unfamiliar audiences

  • Interface with multiple stakeholders who have competing interests and priorities

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with school sites that will allow for course completion by 400 NYCDOE students according to timeline

  • Create and implement existing resources to support school implementation

  • Actively communicate with school leadership and staff

  • Schedule and conduct in-person site visits at multiple schools across NYC

  • Troubleshoot NYCDOE technology policies and issues

  • Proactively address constraints through creative problem-solving

  • Collect and track feedback on project implementation and progress

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to juggle and resolve competing priorities

  • Strong public speaking skills

  • Experience in project management, with both 1st party and 3rd party deliverables

  • Experience holding team members accountable to firm deadlines

  • Strong and accurate data collection and analysis skills

  • Strong and creative problem solving skills

  • Experience using the Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), Asana, and Slack

  • Strong understanding of NYC Public School system, landscape, and culture

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