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February 17, 2023

March 10TH Is Social-Emotional Learning Day  Educators, Elected Officials, And Organizations Across The Globe Unite To Uplift Hearts And Connect Minds

NEW YORK (NY) - February 2023 - The Urban Assembly and SEL4US are proud to announce that Friday, March 10, 2023, is SEL Day! This will be the fourth annual celebration that brings together thousands of participants from across the globe to share the immense value of social-emotional learning (SEL). Under this year’s theme, Uplifting Hearts, Connecting Minds, school and district leaders, educators, students, families, and community members are encouraged to create activities and events that raise awareness about how SEL can help us improve well-being and build relationships.

Last year, SEL Day reached over 11 million views from all 50 states, 63 countries, and over 2,300 organizations, schools, and school districts across the globe. This year, given the need to accelerate academic recovery and support student well-being, SEL Day celebrations are beginning early. For the first time, SEL supporters will rally together online and in their communities for a full National SEL Week (March 6-10, 2023) to showcase the evidence for SEL and call for greater access to SEL for all students. The weeklong celebrations will culminate with International SEL Day on March 10.

On March 10, co-creators SEL4US and Urban Assembly are hosting a free, all-day summit showcasing SEL best practices from all around the world. In addition, keynote sessions will feature the current state and future of SEL, student perspectives on SEL, outcomes and implications from new SEL research studies, and corporate perspectives on the need for SEL. View the full schedule and lineup of speakers at

“SEL helps children and adults develop important life skills for decision-making, self-awareness, empathy, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. These skills help people of all ages navigate challenging times and build strong, resilient communities,” says Nova Biro of the SEL4US Leadership Team. “SEL Day provides the opportunity for people around the globe to join together in showcasing and celebrating the positive impact of SEL in our communities.”

The SEL Day website——also includes toolkits to help participants showcase, promote, advocate, and support social-emotional learning. Participants can also earn badges and compete to the top of the leaderboard of SEL Day activities.

“When each person in a community works to raise each other up, our relationships deepen and our society prospers,” says Urban Assembly CEO David Adams. “This year, for our fourth annual SEL day, we will uplift hearts and connect minds to the idea that social-emotional learning matters—for every student, in every community, every day.”

SEL Day 2023 is sponsored by Move This World, Lions Quest, Second Step, Harmony SEL and Inspire Leading in Learning, Better Together3, PATHS Program, xSEL Labs, and mindUP.

The fourth annual SEL Day is Friday, March 10, 2023. Schools and community organizations who want to participate in SEL Day can sign up and find more information at


About Urban Assembly

With a mission of advancing students’ social and economic mobility by improving public education, the Urban Assembly (UA) is a model provider of school support, supporting a network of 23 small, high-performing career-themed NYC schools. The UA provides school support in 4 key areas to advance student growth: Academics (math and literacy), Leadership, College Access, Career Readiness, and Social-Emotional Learning - as well as Postsecondary Success support in college and career for UA alumni. The UA engages hundreds of public, private, and non-profit sector partners to increase educational opportunities and close the opportunity gap.

About SEL4US

SEL4US ( was founded in 2019 to empower local advocates to influence and support their communities to implement high-quality social and emotional learning. SEL4US is a national organization that works at the state and community levels to raise awareness of the benefits of SEL, promote and support SEL implementation, and advance policies and funding to sustain and spread the use of high-quality SEL.


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